Abraham-Hicks: Choosing “Unconditional Alignment” with the Universe

According to Abraham-Hicks at a recent Law of Attraction workshop: “You teach life how to be to you.” You are either teaching the universe to create circumstances of alignment or of disharmony in your life.

In other words: the mixed-bag reality you live now, including all your problems and struggles as well as everything you love and appreciate, is the reality you have taught the universe to create for you.

All the universe ever does is provide feedback based on your thoughts and emotions.

Yes, you created the entire mixed bag of wanted and unwanted circumstances you call your reality. There’s no one to blame (don’t even waste energy blaming yourself).  Instead, take all the credit.

Then, get more conscious about what you’re teaching the universe about who you are now.

You don’t have to fight your circumstances if you desire a change.

Abe knows our focus on “what-is” – or what we call the circumstances we live with – doesn’t help us when what-is sucks…  They’re now reminding us that two vibrations comprise “what is” reality: Continue Reading »

Spiritual Entrepreneur: How to Transcend Self-Sabotage

Fear of self-sabotage. Nearly every spiritual entrepreneur daring to create a business (or take their work to an expanded level) experiences it. Yet, it’s rarely the barrier you think it is.

Most of us can remember times in our lives when we believe we sabotaged ourselves. Maybe we attracted an opportunity we truly desired, then got sick and couldn’t pursue it. Or maybe we blew our big chance by not performing at our best.

I still remember being chosen as one of 2 students in my high school senior class to participate in a contest created by the National Council of Teachers of English. Competing as one of the best felt so unnerving to me that I gave rushed and careless answers in my haste to be done with the ordeal.

Because of these universal early experiences, most of us decide we have a self-sabotaging part of ourselves that wants to hold us back. This part of ourselves typically gets activated whenever we go for something we’ve never had before – something we may not wholeheartedly believe is possible for us.

Today I often observe the saboteur (as Caroline Myss has named this universal archetype) coming up for my clients whenever they decide to “play a bigger game.” Personally I dislike that phrase, because the tone implies that all you need is will power to be big and get what you want (or go home, a loser). But in reality the saboteur trumps will power nearly every time – ask any dieter.

How do we transcend self sabotage?

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6 Stupid Law of Attraction “Rules”

These 6 oft-repeated Law of Attraction “rules” don’t work for 99% of people. They’re based on misguided interpretations and possibly even deliberate falsifications to trigger your fear and get you to buy something to “fix” or “get rid of” your fear.

The usual result of following these rules is frustration and disappointment. These stupid rules are the reason you question whether Law of Attraction is real. Law of Attraction is a universal LAW. It’s 100% dependable anywhere in this universe, if you align with it. Getting into alignment is optional for each one of us because we are divinely designed to have free will.

The only reason to get into alignment with the Law of Attraction is so you can receive what you ask for.

Here are 6 Stupid Law of Attraction Rules – enjoy removing them from  your life! law-of-attraction-stupid-rules-to-break

1. Just think about what you want and you will get it. This would work if we could do it. But few people can focus on something they dearly want without also focusing on the fact that they 1) don’t have it, 2) don’t know how to get it and 3) don’t actually believe the universe will deliver it. As a result, their vibration is mixed… and their results are mixed too. It takes inner work to align and become single-mindedly focused in faith on what you desire.

2. Act as if you already have it. This is the rule that leads people to max out their credit cards buying things as if they already had the money to afford what they’re going into debt to get. The only thing this rule gets you is credit card debt or other forms of stress from spending money you don’t have.

There’s a huge difference between acting as if and believing as if. If you act as if you have money you know you don’t have, you are taking action from a belief in lack and wishful thinking. The results of your actions will reflect your underlying belief in lack. Our actions can’t override what we believe: Continue Reading »

Law of Attraction: 3 Ways to Attract Your Future Faster

Are you in a big hurry to make significant shifts in your business and life? Most spiritual entrepreneurs I speak with are.  We’ve got big goals and dreams – but often our day-to-day lives feel so overwhelming it’s nearly impossible to notice any progress on the important stuff.

Frustration builds as we find ourselves frequently wanting to be “there” instead of where we are.

Though we may live in frustration, our innate higher ability to imagine and dream is our birthright. Imagination also a blueprint we inherit from our creator, source energy. We inherently know our desires and goals are meant to be created.   attracting-your-future

All is well as long as… Continue Reading »

Law of Attraction: Why Starting a Business Triggers Fear

Law of Attraction has a lot to say about why  you have so much fear around starting your business, and it has a solution for you as well.

But first: I invite you to pay no attention to the  incredible amount of  superficial Law of Attraction in business advice that warns you not to focus on your fear or you will attract more of it and blah blah blah.

Like you are supposed to magically make your fear go away. Good luck with that.

Instead, know this: if you’ve never owned a business before, feeling fearful about starting one is… totally normal.  If you’ve been beating yourself up about your fears, now would be a good time to stop that.

Why Starting Your Business Attracts Fear

 Anytime we start something we’ve never done before – if it matters to us at all – it is going to trigger fear. Change can feel like the bottom of very steep climb. When you first begin there’s no visible assurance you will ever make it to the top…

Examples: Your first day at school,  your first time riding a two-wheeler,  your first dive off the high board, your first piano recital, your first date with someone you really liked, your first day as a college freshman,  your first day on the job, the weeks leading up to your wedding day  (even though you were in love),  having your first child…

As humans we’ve had millions of years of programming to fear the unknown. It’s in our biology, known as the flight or fight syndrome. I don’t care how many affirmations you write, re-programming your biology isn’t easy or automatic.

Worse yet, fear may never be completely Continue Reading »

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