Happy Wobble-Free New Year!

Heard Abraham-Hicks on “the wobble”? That’s Abe’s recent terminology for a fluctuating vibrational point of attraction.

Wobbling occurs when we go back and forth between clarity and doubt. Once minute we know exactly what we want … the next minute we doubt we can have it.

Why do we wobble? Because we don’t fully believe the law of attraction will deliver what we’ve asked for.

The mental and emotional tug of war between clarity/confidence and confusion/self-doubt creates a vibrational wobble Abraham wants to us to become very aware of.

Wobbling attracts ongoing mixed results for as long as we tolerate the vibrational tug of war.

Becoming Wobble-Free

If you’re truly ready to align with and receive what you’ve asked for, your work is to  stabilize the wobble.

Become still and broadcast a clear, single-minded, and steady point of attraction. Then stand back and watch the universe deliver!

Important: stabilizing does not mean you’re never permitted another moment of self-doubt or  other negative emotion. You will have these emotions because they’re a normal part of experiencing contrast. Continue Reading »

Spiritual Entrepreneur: What the Universe Is Trying to Tell You about Your Path

Would you love to be one of those people who just KNOWS their true path?

When I left Massachusetts in 1995 to follow my dream of relocating to the Southwest, I became friends with a spiritual entrepreneur whose lament was, “I would do anything the universe wants me to do – I just wish it would tell me my path.”

The desire to know our true path usually feels sincere and authentic.  The only problem is: when we ask this question, we have usually forgotten we are the one who gets to choose and create our own path.

Most of the time when we feel a longing to know our path, the following conditions are true:

1. We have had a setback recently that’s making us question our path

2. We’re secretly hoping the universe will reveal a path that’s 100% free of risk and 100% guaranteed to be a wild success, especially financially

3. We’re feeling at least somewhat insecure and dis-empowered by the current circumstances of our life and business

A belief many of us have is: “If it’s meant to be, the universe will make it easy and fun all the time.” Oh really? Tell that to Mother Teresa or  Gandhi.

A more accurate belief that serves us far better is: “I create my path every minute through my beliefs, expectations and actions.”

Like it or not, if you’re in the soul group here to help others through your service as a spiritual entrepreneur (and you are in that soul group if you’re reading this),  you didn’t come to  Continue Reading »

Abraham-Hicks: Why Gratitude Is Not the Same as Appreciation

To my readers:

I appreciate you very much! But I am most definitely not grateful for you.

Sounds weird, doesn’t it?

That’s because we tend to use the words appreciation and gratitude interchangeably, but Abraham-Hicks teaches us the two words have very different vibrations.

Gratitude is what we often feel at the end of Continue Reading »

Dumb and Dumber and The Law of Attraction?

In eager anticipation of the sequel opening in the U.S. today, John decided I should watch the original Dumb and Dumber movie in order to appreciate the sequel more.


Jim Carrey (Lloyd) and Jeff Daniels (Harry)

I was not pleased with this plan, as I had no intention of seeing the sequel either.

But love conquers all so we watched the original together last weekend.

Could this really dumb movie have anything to teach us  about the Law of Attraction?

Turns out the answer is yes… but if you’re a person who can’t stand having the plot revealed, stop reading now.

Let’s leave out the fact that Lloyd is vibrationally in a different universe from the refined and wealthy object of his painful crush, Mary.  Not going to happen, Lloyd. Universal Law.

Let’s also leave out the fact that when Lloyd and Harry suddenly discover they’re in possession of a suitcase crammed with money Continue Reading »

Abraham Hicks and Contrast: Are You Trying to Get to the Bottom of Your Problem?

It’s hard hard to love contrast, agreed? Contrast is the exact opposite of what we want – what’s there to love about it?

Yet Abraham is adamant: contrast is required to expand our Vortex. It’s step 1 of the deliberate creation process.  What’s not to love about that?

I’m realizing that contrast is meant to be a very temporary experience.  You stub your toe: ouch! But you don’t devote days, months or years thinking about how terrible that was.

Quick as a wink, your focus shifts elsewhere, because a stubbed toe is just not that much of an attention grabber.

But your struggles with money and your business? You could stay focused there for a very long time – Continue Reading »

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