Abraham-Hicks: The Path of Least Resistance

How practiced are you at following your path of least resistance? Abraham has been talking about this path for a while now.

Because we live way more complex lives than our parents and grandparents, it’s easy to buy into the idea that much of life is supposed to be complicated. But if we take the path of least resistance, life might be about…


What Is Resistance?

You can tell you’re in a state of resistance because you feel negative emotion about something. Feelings, as Abraham has been teaching us for decades, are your emotional guidance system at work. Positive feelings indicate we’re in the flow, which Abraham also calls “allowing.” Negative feelings indicate we’re blocking the flow, called “resisting.”

What are we resisting? Oh only all the good the universe has lined up for us in response to our decisions and desires over lifetimes. Sure some good stuff can squeak by the barrier of our negativity and get in. But it’s rare to meet anyone who lives in a continual, easy flow of receiving.  Most of us are too busy focusing on what’s wrong.

How can we get on the path of least resistance?

We have to use the emotional guidance system we were born with. We need to be aware of our feelings and refuse to tolerate the negative ones for too long.

I don’t mean to ignore negative emotion.

We need to acknowledge negative feelings first – because they are authentic indicators of something unwanted –  and then 1) clarify what it is we do want, 2) turn the situation over to the universe, 3) choose better-feeling emotions and 4) chill out and allow ourselves to feel good.

Then we have dealt with the negativity in a conscious way and chosen the path of least resistance.

But in our culture, letting go and chilling out is a real challenge. When stressed out or upset, we’re encouraged to suck it up and power through – techniques that push the negative emotion under the surface (for a while) but don’t heal it or shift our vibrational point of attraction.

In business we need to make more decisions that allow us to feel good.

Years ago I had a coaching client who claimed to want conscious cooperation with the Law of Attraction in her business (and more income). On the surface she sounded clear and willing. But she also had some very old patterns of resentment.  I recognized this but, feeling heroic, decided to work with her anyway.

For several months I worked really hard to help her release resentment and begin to allow in her good from the universe. Our sessions ran overtime, we exchanged long emails nearly every day, and I added in some bonus sessions so we would have more time to help her shift some old patterns.

As you can probably guess: it completely backfired. I was doing all the work and she was refusing to budge from her stance that the universe owed her. In a few months she quit coaching, and I felt hugely relieved.

It was a great learning for a relatively inexperienced coach. These days  I pay unflinching attention when my emotional guidance system says: stay away. As a result my clients are all lovely and amazing people!

If you have clients who exhaust you, you have 3 choices to let go of your resistance:

1. Let them know exactly what they have to do if they want to continue working with you.

2. Fire them.

3. Train yourself to take care of yourself as best you can and decide you will feel peaceful about the situation, drop the blame and take responsibility for your own feelings.

Which choice could you decide to make?

The sigh of relief that comes from a clear decision is, according to Abraham, a sign you have released your habit of resistance, placing you instantly on the path of least resistance and allowing in your good. Enjoy!

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