Spiritual Entrepreneur: Are You Working Harder than the Universe Asks You To?

If you have decided to take that leap into the unknown called starting a business, there’s a good chance you’re working a lot harder than you need to.

You can tell because your stress levels are off the charts.

The reason most spiritual entrepreneurs work way too hard, whether newbies or veterans, is this: we forget we are in partnership with spirit.   The Silhouette of two man with success gesture standing on the top of mountain

Because we forget, most of us feel success is a tremendous struggle and challenge. It’s like we’re trying to run a marathon with a thousand-pound weight on our shoulders.

But the universe would never ask us to do anything that impossible or, let’s face it, insane.

If reading these words has you realizing that you have completely left spirit out of your plans to succeed, I invite you to do something different starting right now.

I also invite you to know you are not alone in this pattern. As a rough estimate, Continue Reading »

Law of Attraction Business: 7 Keys to a Business You Can Truly Love (Happy Valentine’s Day)

Here are 7 keys you must know in order to love your business. I see so many spiritual entrepreneurs believing they need to sacrifice their happiness, work with clients who stress them out, and work long hours day after day in order to succeed.

Maybe you did that in your j-o-b, along with putting up with endless corporate red tape and senseless policies. But those days are over, baby!

The key to success as a spiritual entrepreneur is love, not stress.  

Print out these 7 keys and keep them as a reminder of how success really works when you bring the Law of Attraction into your business:

KEY #1: You can have your business the way you want it.

Want to work at home? Great. Want to rent an office? Super! Want to work 3 days a week? Yay.

Want employees or contractors? Awesome. Can’t stand having other people around and just want to work solo? I hear ya.

Whatever circumstances you prefer to experience in your business… you can have it exactly that way. Get clear on what you want and be willing to believe you can have it. Imagine yourself living it – and you will.

KEY #2: You can make lots of money from your business.

People love to tell me why their business doesn’t make money. Their target market doesn’t have enough buyers. They are too spiritual to attract high-paying clients. There are too many [coaches/email marketers/massage therapists/etc.] – they’re too late to the party and there’s nothing left for them. What they offer isn’t something people are willing to pay a lot for. Etc.

I bet you can look around and see other entrepreneurs with offerings very similar to yours doing extremely well in their businesses. If it can happen for them, it can happen for you. To step into a greater level of success, shift your thoughts, feelings and expectations in the direction of success and take consistent action toward your dreams.

KEY #3: Marketing can be done from spirituality and integrity.

Most of us hate or at least dislike marketing – and there’s a lot to dislike about it! But, having taught many hundreds of clients the principles of attraction marketing for over a decade now, I have also seen  Continue Reading »

Spiritual Entrepreneur: Your Biz as a Channel for Divine Love?

While most spiritual entrepreneurs I talk with initially envision their businesses as a channel for divine love, relatively few of us sustain that vision over time.

The day-to-day work of figuring out who our ideal customers are and what it is we have to offer, along with the relentless comparisons of ourselves to everyone else who markets anything similar to what we do, can quickly turn our early inspiration and idealism into a chore and a reason to doubt ourselves.

Then business declines and love for it wanes. Not a pretty picture. However… all that can stop today as we choose to bring love back into business.


My friends at The Institute for Totalpreneurship are launching WORLD LOVE WEEK in just a few days. They’re interviewing over 100 entrepreneurial leaders who aren’t afraid to build their businesses around loving and serving customers.

Get your complimentary ticket here and discover how to let divine love flow through you to your customers proudly, productively and profitably! (Yes, spiritual entrepreneurs are supposed to make money.)

Have you lost your divine love mojo? My client did…

A couple of weeks ago I asked a coaching client, a lovely woman who was experiencing very little activity in her business,  whether she ever thought about her tribe and, if so, how she felt about them.

She responded that she really hadn’t been thinking about them but was mostly focusing on her  sizable to do list. I bet most of us can relate.

As an experiment I suggested she Continue Reading »

Spiritual entrepreneur: Are You Trying Too Hard to Help Your Customers or Employees?

Do you believe it’s your responsibility to meet other people’s needs, no matter how excessive, in order to live up to your own standards for serving people through your business?

If that’s your belief as a spiritual entrepreneur, the Law of Attraction may match you with some very needy customers or employees. Don’t expect it to be pretty.  woman-overworked

It’s easy to forget the real reason you’re self-employed and spiritual: to create a business doing work you love and feel inspired by that serves your ideal clients  while bringing you an ample income so you have the resources to create a fulfilling life.

Note that you are meant to receive as much benefit from your business as your customers do!  But things can quickly get out of balance when you try too hard to meet other people’s needs.

Also note you’re meant to work with your ideal clients. One of my criteria for that is: there’s mutual respect between us.

The signs you’re trying too hard include: Continue Reading »

Law of Attraction: 7 Ways to Attract More of Your Ideal Customers in 2015

How much influence do you really have over the customers you attract?

Based on my 22 years exploring the Law of Attraction into business, I’d say: oh, only 100%

Whether you’re not attracting enough customers or you attract too many customers you don’t love working with, the cause is the same: your vibrational point of attraction around customers isn’t what it needs to be.

Don’t despair! The good news is: if you are the only cause of your lack of ideal customers (and you are), then you possess the ability to cause your abundance of ideal customers (and you do).

Read the list below. But don’t stop there. Schedule yourself for a 2-hour retreat so you can work through all 7 of these items.

Expect to emerge with a new, clear, and more powerful point of attraction connecting you, soul-to-soul, to your ideal customers.

The list: 7 ways to attract more of your ideal customers

1.    Get clear on the qualities your ideal customers have.

If you’re not clear on this, the universe sends all kinds of unsuitable customers your way – and you can’t blame it.  You haven’t done your job in terms of broadcasting a clear signal. What are the qualities of the people you prefer to do business with?  Continue Reading »

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