Law of Attraction: 3 Ways to Attract Your Future Faster

Are you in a big hurry to make significant shifts in your business and life? Most spiritual entrepreneurs I speak with are.  We’ve got big goals and dreams – but often our day-to-day lives feel so overwhelming it’s nearly impossible to notice any progress on the important stuff.

Frustration builds as we find ourselves frequently wanting to be “there” instead of where we are.

Though we may live in frustration, our innate higher ability to imagine and dream is our birthright. Imagination also a blueprint we inherit from our creator, source energy. We inherently know our desires and goals are meant to be created.   attracting-your-future

All is well as long as… Continue Reading »

Law of Attraction: Why Starting a Business Triggers Fear

Law of Attraction has a lot to say about why  you have so much fear around starting your business, and it has a solution for you as well.

But first: I invite you to pay no attention to the  incredible amount of  superficial Law of Attraction in business advice that warns you not to focus on your fear or you will attract more of it and blah blah blah.

Like you are supposed to magically make your fear go away. Good luck with that.

Instead, know this: if you’ve never owned a business before, feeling fearful about starting one is… totally normal.  If you’ve been beating yourself up about your fears, now would be a good time to stop that.

Why Starting Your Business Attracts Fear

 Anytime we start something we’ve never done before – if it matters to us at all – it is going to trigger fear. Change can feel like the bottom of very steep climb. When you first begin there’s no visible assurance you will ever make it to the top…

Examples: Your first day at school,  your first time riding a two-wheeler,  your first dive off the high board, your first piano recital, your first date with someone you really liked, your first day as a college freshman,  your first day on the job, the weeks leading up to your wedding day  (even though you were in love),  having your first child…

As humans we’ve had millions of years of programming to fear the unknown. It’s in our biology, known as the flight or fight syndrome. I don’t care how many affirmations you write, re-programming your biology isn’t easy or automatic.

Worse yet, fear may never be completely Continue Reading »

Law of Attraction and Your Life Purpose (for Spiritual Entrepreneurs only)

What does Law of Attraction have to say about that often burning question of life purpose – especially as it affects us spiritual entrepreneurs?

Many of my Law of Attraction coaching clients want to be certain their business expresses their life purpose – and they struggle to figure out what that business is supposed to be.


When I tell them they’re here to create their life purpose – not figure out what it’s “supposed to be” according to some big Wheel of Fortune that drives the universe – they sometimes feel disappointed.

I know it might feel a lot easier to most of us if we thought there was a  predetermined mission we’re here to carry out (and of course in doing so we would also receive abundant wealth and effortless success — and preferably quickly).

Abraham likes to remind us that we are powerful creators. The way creation works is: Continue Reading »

Abraham-Hicks Key to Manifesting: Nothing Is More Important than Feeling Good – Really!

Abraham through Esther and Jerry Hicks frequently reminds us of this Law of Attraction principle: nothing is more important than feeling good.

But when you’re struggling or worried or dealing with a setback, Abraham’s truthful and well-meaning words may sound completely absurd.

Before you write me that you “tried Law of Attraction and it didn’t work,” allow me to say more about why Abraham’s words are the Truth – and to share with you how you can use the Abraham-Hicks teachings even when it appears that nothing is going your way.

Why It’s True: Nothing Is More Important than Feeling Good

1. The only reason we ever feel good is that – in the good-feeling moment – we’re aligned with the universe/our inner beings. That’s what feeling good really means: alignment. Negative feelings mean: out of alignment. Out of alignment means: no match with what’s in your Vortex. In alignment means: manifestation of what’s in your Vortex.  Next time you think negativity is the appropriate response to any situation… I hope you will think again.

2. The universe continually provides feedback about our alignment through our emotional guidance system.  Emotions are used as our guidance system because how we feel bypasses Continue Reading »

Abraham-Hicks: Where’s My Stuff? How to Access Your Vortex Now

Even though Abraham does their absolute best to encourage us to feel good for the fun of it – instead of for the purpose of attracting a specific result – they’re also patient with our desire to manifest stuff in the physical world – “and we want that for you too,” they’ve said.

By now many of us know that the answer to “Where’s my stuff” is “in your Vortex.” But not many of feel confident that we know how to line up with our Vortex. Here’s help:

Three Tips to Access Your Vortex Now

Sedona Vortex

Sedona Vortex

1. Practice remembering who you really are: source energy expressing in physical form with the power to create worlds. It doesn’t get any more powerful! Often when we’re waiting for manifestation we slip into feeling like a struggling powerless human. Remembering – even if only for a fleeting moment – the truth of who we are makes us magnetic to desire fulfilled.

2. Re-program your mind every day for at least 15 minutes. You don’t need to meditate for hours (unless you love doing that). But you do need to quiet your mind by giving it a minimum of 15 minutes of spiritual truth daily – whether in the form of meditation, reading, listening to audios or watching videos created by those who inspire you. (The 15-minute number comes from Abraham.) We are so programmed to believe in lack and fear every day  Continue Reading »

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