Abraham-Hicks: Where’s My Stuff? How to Access Your Vortex Now

Even though Abraham does their absolute best to encourage us to feel good for the fun of it – instead of for the purpose of attracting a specific result – they’re also patient with our desire to manifest stuff in the physical world – “and we want that for you too,” they’ve said.

By now many of us know that the answer to “Where’s my stuff” is “in your Vortex.” But not many of feel confident that we know how to line up with our Vortex. Here’s help:

Three Tips to Access Your Vortex Now

Sedona Vortex

Sedona Vortex

1. Practice remembering who you really are: source energy expressing in physical form with the power to create worlds. It doesn’t get any more powerful! Often when we’re waiting for manifestation we slip into feeling like a struggling powerless human. Remembering – even if only for a fleeting moment – the truth of who we are makes us magnetic to desire fulfilled.

2. Re-program your mind every day for at least 15 minutes. You don’t need to meditate for hours (unless you love doing that). But you do need to quiet your mind by giving it a minimum of 15 minutes of spiritual truth daily – whether in the form of meditation, reading, listening to audios or watching videos created by those who inspire you. (The 15-minute number comes from Abraham.) We are so programmed to believe in lack and fear every day  Continue Reading »

Law of Attraction and Manifestation: Abraham’s 99 Percent Rule

According to the Abraham-Hicks Law of Attraction teachings on manifestation, a major reason we’re here in this 5-sense reality is to experience 5-sense manifestations. Abraham wants us to have the lover, the children, the car, the home, the business success, the money abundance…

But we get in our own way.

Until the object of our desire shows up in a form that allows us to see it and touch it, we expect to feel restless, incomplete and even anxious.

That’s exactly how we delay our receiving of the manifestations already lined up for us.

When we get hung up on where is it, how will it get here and when will it finally show up, we’re actually holding ourselves apart from it.

What to do about this…

An easy – though initially  non-intuitive – way to speed things up, according to Abraham, is to enjoy the emotional state of our manifestation before it appears on planet earth in physical form.

Abraham’s 99% rule can help you enjoy the waiting period. The rule is: 99.9% of any manifestation is complete before any evidence of it appears in physical form

Abraham-Hicks-99-percent-manifestation99.9% – isn’t that staggering?

While you and I are fretting, worrying and staying fixated on how and when, the universe is quietly assembling what Abraham calls “all the cooperative components” from our Vortex. Continue Reading »

Law of Attraction tips: 5 Ways to Attract More Money

When it comes to the Law of Attraction and money, even my wealthiest spiritual entrepreneur coaching clients are looking for more of it.

According to the Abraham-Hicks teachings, expansion is eternal. When it comes to money, expansion means: the more money you attract, the more expansively you can live – and contribute to the world.

Here are 5 Ways to align with the Law of Attraction so you attract more money:

Tip #1. Love the money you already have. Too many of us have associated money with “not enough.” This is a great way to repel money!  If the Beatles were right and “love is all there is,” let’s love and appreciate our money. What we love, focus on and appreciate increases in our life. What you love tends to love you back.

Tip #2. Appreciate wealth whether or not you think you have it. Do you have a habit of judging wealthy people as “greedy”? Do you believe they have taken advantage of others? If so, you will have a difficult time attracting wealth. There is no limit to how much wealth any of us can have, but when you believe someone (often a perfect stranger) has “too much” you end up limiting how much you can attract. As Abraham would say: Continue Reading »

Law of Attraction Entrepreneur: Channel your Inner Oprah (or Other Shining Star)

When I coach law of attraction entrepreneurs on Law of Attraction in business I ask my new clients to name two people they greatly admire. Oprah receives far more mentions than anyone else over the years – no surprise there.

I like to check that the Oprah admirers have some idea of what it took for her to become the phenomenal and beautiful star she is today. They understand it took commitment, focus, courage and time.


As my new clients and I move farther into our first Law of Attraction  coaching session, they usually describe a circumstance  they struggle with in their business. Again, no surprise. This is why they hired me.

Wherever we struggle as spiritual entrepreneurs, there’s a really good chance (like 100%) that we haven’t fully committed to our original inspiration to create a successful business that has soul meaning to us and our customers.

According to Abraham-Hicks, we’ve expanded energetically, but our thoughts and emotions Continue Reading »

Law of Attraction Tips: Make More Decisions

Posted by  Law of Attraction coach for small business success

One of Abraham’s better known Law of Attraction tips is: Make More Decisions.

Maybe you’ve wondered “what’s the big deal about making more decisions?”


Here’s the rest of the teaching…

If you make a decision and line up with it, you will attract what you’ve asked for. However: the “line up with it” part can be tricky.

If you were already lined up, you wouldn’t be struggling to decide. Which is why Abraham also advises us to get into the Vortex and make our decisions from a place of feeling good.

When you make a decision and have a sense of “knowing,” eagerness or relief about it, you are lined up.

I’ve used the “decide first” technique many times and watched in amazement as the universe delivered.

In the mid-1990s I decided to move myself and my still new business from Boston to the Southwest not knowing a single soul or having any idea what would happen with my Boston clients as a result of the move. All I knew was I HAD to live in the Southwest, and I felt peaceful about that decision even though I had no idea how the move would come about.  Within a couple of months I was living in Basalt, Colorado, Continue Reading »

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