Spiritual Entrepreneur: Tap into the Power of Surrender

What does the word “surrender” mean to you? Does it say resignation? Or the giving up of a long-cherished dream? Is it a synonym for defeat?

Often we use the word surrender to describe something unwanted. But it can also describe the deliciousness of letting go.

The term “spiritual entrepreneur” sounds lofty and evolved, yet most of us can still find ourselves in resistance and negative emotion – more often than we’d like.  We know at the level of the intellect that it’s neither smart nor necessary to linger in these limiting states. Yet, we can still believe that focusing relentlessly on an unwanted “what is” will somehow fix it.

According to the Law of Attraction, whatever we put our focus on just gets bigger.  If your focus is on fretting, fuming, and fearing, you are in a state of resistance that prevents you from receiving all the universe has already delivered to you.

As Abraham says “It’s all lined up right outside your door.”

But you’re pushing against the door instead of Continue Reading »

Abraham-Hicks: Stop Practicing the Absence of What You Want

When what you truly want is missing in your life or business, it’s only because you’ve been practicing the absence of what you want.  Your thoughts and emotions have focused on what’s not here…. and “not here” continues to manifest.

We truly don’t realize how powerful our thoughts are. We expect the universe to deliver what we want – even if all we think about is the lack of what we want: clients, money, success, etc.

Our thoughts are expressions of our consciousness, and consciousness is the creative force of the universe.  The Law of Attraction teaches us about becoming  more conscious – not about Continue Reading »

Spiritual Entrepreneur: Access the Source of True Security

What’s your definition of true security ? Is it primarily about a certain amount of money in the bank or the value of assets you own?

Nearly everyone believes that security primarily has to do with having enough money. And that the answer to many problems in life is: more money.

I no longer believe that.

In a recent coaching conversation, an elite financial adviser and spiritual entrepreneur confided in me that he would feel secure only on reaching his goal of $100 million a year in assets under management. I believe that would earn him $1 million a year in management fees.

I’m all for solopreneurs bringing in 7 figure incomes.  But would that necessarily provide security?

After 20+ years as a self employed solopreneur I’ve gradually realized that money fears are nearly Continue Reading »

Spiritual Entrepreneur: Why You Should Make Customers Less Important

Do you make your customers the highest priority in your business? Most small business experts would say that’s a good thing. But beware: it can become much too easy to make pleasing customers more important than pleasing yourself.

Because many spiritual entrepreneurs are at least a little bit co-dependent, we have a tendency to really want to please our customers.  In general this is a good thing. Customers who are pleased with us are usually easier and more delightful to serve than the cranky ones.

But problems can arise when we get stressed out from our continual pleasing of others at the expense of taking care of ourselves.

Being stressed out and too often putting your customers’  needs ahead of yours may look like: Continue Reading »

Law of Attraction: Why You Keep Crashing into the Same Old Walls

Law of Attraction is a universal and exact feedback system.  Affirm and intend all you want – but LoA is always reflecting back your predominant beliefs. No matter how hard you work to change them.

That’s why you can set intentions and vow to change an unproductive pattern in your business or life – yet crash into the same old walls time and time again.  Years of Law of Attraction exercises and other techniques won’t necessarily change a thing…

Now for the good news:   I am NOT saying that change is impossible!  It is absolutely within our power to create lives that fully express the best of who we are.  We are divinely engineered with the ability to receive what we desire, regardless of our walls.


The problem isn’t that we’re stuck in the same old patterns, hitting the same old walls, with no hope of ever experiencing anything different. If that were true you’d just be wasting your time learning about the Law of Attraction.

“Stuck forever in the same old patterns” is definitely NOT the truth of you.

What keeps you and nearly everyone else stuck is:  you misinterpret the nature of the wall you keep crashing into. You think the wall is something you need to fight against or get rid of, and once it’s out of your life, you will thrive and receive everything you want.

But you’ve never been successful at fighting or getting rid of the wall – and you won’t ever be – because trying to do so keeps you in resistance – which only strengthens the wall.  Darn!

The truth is: whenever you set a new intention and – WHAM – the same old miserable pattern shows up to taunt you, you are being called to change your response to the wall.

You don’t have to get rid of the wall, and you can’t anyway.  You only have to change how you respond to it.

It’s easy – once you understand why the wall keeps coming back in spite of your best efforts – and you master the simple response that changes everything.

Guy Finley, one of the most enlightened teachers of our time, can help you discover how to “walk through walls.” Read his words here

You can end the repetitive patterns that seem to prevent you from receiving what you are meant to have. Find out the truth here


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