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Abraham Hicks Explains the Law of Attraction and Effort

In my studies of the Law of Attraction since 1989, nothing has annoyed me more than the idea that life is designed to be effortless.  I don’t doubt that when we’re 100% aligned with spirit and the Law of Attraction, life IS effortless.

The only problem is: very few of us experience 100% alignment.

As a Law of Attraction coach, helping my small business entrepreneur clients move past the fantasy of effortlessness is often our primary task. Once you understand that it takes WORK to move from where you are now to where you want to be, change happens quickly.

Imagine my relief to hear Abraham address the question: “What is effort?” on a recent workshop CD.

They explained it this way:  Effort is the work you must do to release your resistance.

They also said: If you don’t have resistance, no effort is required.

Finally, an explanation that makes sense. Our work is to release resistance!

When we have resistance, let’s say about receiving enough income in business, we keep attracting “not enough income.” You can tell you have resistance on a topic because you have negative thoughts and emotions about it.

Your negative vibration puts up a barrier between you and the income you’ve been asking for. The Law of Attraction is always sending that income your way – but you’re not a match to receiving it.

Overcoming resistance takes effort because we need to notice our habitually negative thoughts and feelings – and then deliberately find higher ways of thinking about the subject at hand.

Compared to operating a jack hammer, or managing your tenuous career path through Dilbert Land, or taking care of toddlers all day, the effort it takes to shift thoughts is hardly anything.

But most of us feel so attached to our  habitually negative thoughts that we don’t even try to shift them!

The formula for shifting thoughts is simple.

1 – Notice the thought that pains you. (“I don’t have enough money.”)

2. Think of a rational reason it might not be true. (“Hmmm, I’m paying the mortgage and bills, I drive a nice car, I have enough to eat – maybe I do have enough money, at lease for today.”)

3 – Decide on a thought you would prefer that feels possible to you.  (“The universe is lining up more income for me now.”)

4 – Ask spirit (or your angels or a religious figure or anything else that has meaning and power for you) to help you release the painful thought and accept the preferred thought in your mind and heart.

5- Let go of your concerns and do something nice for yourself: download a new song, drink an organic smoothie, do a few yoga stretches. Even 10 minutes devoted to being kind to yourself demonstrates to the universe you have released resistance.

This simple 5-step process, practiced consistently, is all the effort the universe asks of you.

There’s a 6th step highly recommended for small business entrepreneurs committed to success. It’s: ask yourself what you could do to attract more income to your business.

Here on the earth plane, action is required to make dreams come true. Just don’t confuse action with hard work and effort.

Action taken with joy in your heart feels purposeful, not oppressive. Aligned action is what Abraham means when they say: if you don’t have resistance, no effort is required.