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You may have seen or heard Abraham through Esther Hicks talk about the Emotional Grid and wondered if it’s something new or a replacement for the Vortex or… what?

Here a a few things to know about Law of Attraction and how to create a Grid, particularly as it relates to spirituality in business.

The Grid may be Abraham’s ultimate resistance-releasing Law of Attraction Process!

A Grid is a set of general, positive-feeling statements you create on any topic of your choice. I recommend that Law of Attraction entrepreneurs use a Grid when:

1 – starting a new venture and having no idea how things will fall into place (trying to figure out how too soon nearly always creates resistance).

2 – working diligently at something (your business, your relationships, your health etc.)  for a while but feeling enormous resistance (negative emotion) about it: you may feel frustrated, angry and racked with self-doubt.

How to create a Grid

Abraham  often reminds us to “go general” when we have resistance.  You may have noticed from watching or listening to Abraham-Hicks workshops that most people in the hot seat find this to be a challenge. So here’s how to do it:

Let’s say you’re ready for more income from your business, but you’ve had this desire for years and don’t see it happening – which means you’ve got a lot of resistance around it. (How do you know you have resistance? Because thinking about the topic generates negative emotion in you.)

So you decide to “go general” and you come up with something like: “I now receive a 6-figure income from my business.” Well, your mind certainly knows that isn’t true so a voice in your head says “That’s total B.S.” You went too specific.

To go general successfully, you identify some better-feeling statements that feel true to you. These will be unique to you but may include declarations such as:

“There’s so much to love about my life.”

“Even when I don’t feel it, I am always connected to spirit.”

“My desires are the desires of the universe expressing through me, and they are meant to be fulfilled.”

“When I ask it is given”

“It may seem like a problem to me – but there’s nothing the universe can’t handle.”

“The universe is on my side.”

“I am willing to receive all my good.”

Your statements must pass the B.S. test in order to be effective: you must believe them at least intellectually.

Notice there is nothing in these statements about money, clients, or achieving specific goals. Grid statements are only about feeling better.

Why the Grid works

Recently Abraham has taught us that feelings are manifestations (read this post). Grid statements that make you feel better are manifestations of a vibrational shift in you that the universe will begin to respond to – and quickly. Abraham explains that these responses from the universe “fill in the Grid.”

As long as you continue to maintain your good feelings, the universe continues to fill in the Grid with people, circumstances and events that match your statements. “I love feeling successful in my business.” “The universe makes all things possible for me in an easy, enjoyable way.”

Grid vs. Vortex – what’s the difference?

I’ve read some discussion among people who say that the Grid has replaced the Vortex. But what Abraham says is: “The specifics are in the Vortex.”

Working with the Grid releases resistance by allowing you to go general. Then you’re a vibrational match to your Vortex and can receive the specifics in it.

Many of us have gotten hung up on getting into the Vortex – we’ve worked so hard to do this that we’ve created resistance. With the Grid process you automatically receive what’s in your Vortex without all the hard work.

Are you ready to create a Grid? Let me know how you do!

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