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Re-introducing the Abraham-HicksLaw of Attraction Creation Box

Do you have things you want that you just don’t know how to manifest? Of course you do, you eternal deliberate creator!

While it can be fun to write out your Law of Attraction Grid statements or Abraham-Hicks focus wheels etc., sometimes you may find it just doesn’t help to concentrate that directly or that often on a specific desire, especially when you really don’t see how it can come to you.

For these desires, Abraham gave us The Creation Box.

I first heard Abe speak about The Creation Box process on workshop audio-cassettes from the mid-1990s. The beauty of Abraham’s eternal message is it never becomes outdated – and typically over time becomes even easier to understand and use.

The Abraham Old School Creation Box

1) Find yourself a box. I was recently gifted with a gorgeous hand-carved wooden box from the Ukraine that feels magical and makes an ideal Creation Box. But I’ve also used a box hand-painted with cats and an ordinary department store gift box.

2) Write down whatever you desire that you don’t know how to manifest. You can write each desire on its own piece of paper or make a list.

3) Do not tell the universe how to manifest these desires. Just write down the end result. “New iPad” works. “Jonathan buys me a new iPad for my birthday” does not.

4) As you place each item or your list into the Creation Box, say (preferably out loud): “Whatever goes into the box IS” – or a similar statement that connects you with the creative power of the universe. “The universe creates for me everything in the Creation Box” or similar statements will all work as long as you feel a connection with the creative power of the universe.

5) Now close the box and put it somewhere where you won’t look at it constantly. But whenever you do happen to see it, remember your statement: The universe creates for me everything in my Creation Box.

6) Now live your happy life. I recommend waiting at least 30 days before you open the box again. Longer is fine. Whenever you think of the desires in the box, do your best to give yourself relief: The universe creates for me everything in my Creation Box. Then think about something else.

If you’re constantly thinking about the box and wondering if the universe is really on the case, it’s like having a cake in the oven and opening the oven door every 2 minutes to see how it’s baking. For those who don’t bake: the cake doesn’t rise but sinks in the center and looks pathetic.

7) Every month or two, review what’s in the box. Prepare to be very surprised! You’ll likely discover that you totally forgot about a bunch of Creation Box requests that have manifested nicely. Some longer-range goals may not have manifested yet, don’t worry about those, just know they’re still in the works.

I’ve delegated tasks to the Creation Box including: to help me fill my online classes, to bring me extra income for special vacations or lavish birthday gifts for loved ones, to meet my income goals for the year, to find a buyer for my home, and more.

The Creation Box works because placing your specific desires inside a magical box releases them from your mind, which otherwise will constantly wrestle with figuring out how to manifest them.

When our minds don’t know how to create something specific, they tend to struggle and generate resistance. This is why Einstein took naps.

When we free our minds from having to figure out something rationally, we release resistance. Then the universe can gracefully work out the solution.

The universe creates for me everything in my Creation Box.

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