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Still confused about Abraham’s new Grid concept?  Any time Abraham introduces a new twist on the Law of Attraction, it’s easy think we have to rely on our minds to figure it out. The more we focus on how confused we are, the more confused we get!

It really doesn’t matter what your mental idea of the Grid is. What’s much more useful is to create your own Grid to attract more clients (or anything else you desire).

It’s easy to do this when you use statements beginning with “I love the feeling of” – as Abraham has demonstrated. This sentence structure offers the most natural way for me and most of my Law of Attraction coaching clients to create Law of Attraction Grids.

Here’s what a such a Grid could look like for attracting more clients.  Aim for 10-20 statements to establish your Grid. (I’ll explain why it works in a moment!)

I love the feeling of owning a successful business.

I love the feeling of serving an abundance of perfect clients.

I love the feeling of attracting increasing numbers of clients.

I love the feeling of receiving a generous income from my business.

I love the feeling of helping my clients achieve powerful results.

I love the feeling of sharing my products and services with clients who appreciate them.

I love the feeling of expressing my life purpose through my successful business.

3 Reasons this structure offers the easiest way to create an Abraham-Hicks Grid to Attract More Clients

Reason #1 – It doesn’t generate resistance in you, the way affirmations can. When you affirm “I now have a 6-figure business,” it can generate resistance (negative emotion) in you, if your statement feels far away from your actual experience. Resistance, according to Abraham, is the only thing that prevents us from receiving what we desire! That’s why affirmations and goal-setting often backfire.  On the other hand, stating that you “love the feeling” is acceptable to our minds, whether  we’ve had the actual experience yet or not. Suddenly we’re aligned with what we desire, and there’s no resistance in the way.

Reason #2 – Writing out this grid is a quick way to generate the feelings you love to feel  – and you can feel that way instantly. Instead of looking at your dreams and goals, seeing them as far-off hopes, you go straight to the feeling of the end result. You discover that you can feel great about your business right this minute. This is empowering, fun – and it turns you into a client-attracting magnet.

Reason 3# -Your non-resistant good feelings begin to attract more clients  and more money to you immediately.

One of my clients used this method for one day. Within 24 hours she was notified that payment  was being sent from a long-delinquent client, and she received a medical reimbursement in a significantly higher amount  than she expected. Another client received a signed agreement for a consulting engagement that will bring him an extra $10,000 in the 4th quarter of 2012 (it had been stuck in negotiation for months).

And I launched my Fire Up Your Coaching Business telecourse with an extraordinary group of coaches during the last week of August (traditionally one of the worst times all year to start a new program).

Are Grids the miracle we’ve been waiting for? It depends…

First, you have to be willing to create Grids that make your heart sing. Second, you have to enjoy the feeling generated by the Grid, without being attached to results such as how it will come or when or who will bring it.

But I still wouldn’t use the word “miracle.”

Whenever our hearts sing and we’re not obsessing over how and who and when, we’re naturally a vibrational match to more of everything we desire.

This isn’t a miracle. It’s just the way Law of Attraction works. And it’s the way we came here to live our lives.

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