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When launched in early 2002, I felt apprehensive. My real name, photo, and contact information were on the site for the entire world to see.

Then there was my message: you can attract business success by connecting to spirit within you.


As the first few nail-biting  months passed, and I did not receive a single hate e-mail, I slowly began to relax. It turned out my website was blessedly invisible except to people drawn to my message. Thank you, universe!

Even my own family never checked out my website – as far as I can tell, they still haven’t. One time my sister called, anxious because she didn’t have my new mailing address, which billions of people with Internet access could pull up in an instant.

Eleven years and more than 1,000 spiritual entrepreneur clients later I can attest to this: deciding to go public with your identity and your business message is very likely to strike fear in your heart.

Your business has a leading edge spiritual aspect to it – or you would not be on my mailing list – and the idea of expressing your authentic self and point of view feels, well, scary. This is the crossroads in a coaching program at which my clients tell me:

“But I had a past life where I was burned at the stake because of my non-conformist beliefs.” This memory is so archetypal in the collective unconscious, at least for females, that I hardly know any women who haven’t had it come up.

“But I don’t have anything to say that really matters to the world.” If you didn’t have something to say that matters, you wouldn’t find yourself hiring a coach to help you bring your inspiration to the world.  The universe wouldn’t have opened that path for you unless it was yours to take.

“But what if they don’t like me?????” You’ll receive the blessing of discovering it doesn’t matter one that much.  I especially enjoy hearing this question from  my new clients who name Oprah as their most admired person when they fill out their coaching assessment questionnaire.

It’s easy to forget: for decades Oprah was constantly and publicly ridiculed in tabloids because of her weight and unwillingness to marry her boyfriend, as all women are supposed to do. That was after she suffered ongoing sexual abuse in childhood. Becoming Oprah took serious commitment to what she desired in her future.  Thank goodness she prevailed in expressing who she is. Oprah deserves our admiration –  let’s truly honor her by acknowledging the pain involved.

Lecture aside, I do understand:  going public is often scary. And I also know from experience how liberating it feels when you stand up to this fear.

What you must know about spiritual attraction marketing and revealing yourself to attract your tribe

1. Your tribe is looking for you.  If you’re not visible, they can’t find you. For years Esther Hicks wanted nothing more than to live a happy, ordinary life. The word “channeling” would have sent her running in the opposite direction. Yet as soon as the Hickses began offering their Abraham work, people were there to receive it and appreciate it. Countless people have been blessed because this information was made available..

2. You’ll never be truly fulfilled if you don’t get your message out. You’ll always feel you missed something important in life, and you’ll wonder what would have happened if. Lifelong regret is too big a price to pay just because you were nervous about publishing a blog or having sales conversations with strangers. (Tip: they’re not actually strangers.)

3. Your inspiration to create your business is part of your unique soul path – and no one else can offer what you can in the way you do. Spirit created each of us as a unique aspects of itself. If you were not unique, there would have been no reason for spirit to create you. I’m completely serious about this. The fact that you exist and have your business dream is proof that the orchestra of the world can’t be complete without your “instrumental” participation. You might be thinking that this all sounds nice, but you still experience the fear of going public because of x, y, or z.

You’re correct: it’s not necessarily easy. Which is where my role comes in: I love helping spiritual entrepreneurs create thriving businesses, and that often entails growing beyond their previous self-conceived boundaries.

As you move forward in your business, if you find yourself wishing for things like:

– A spiritual perspective on marketing that you can believe in, feel supported by, and use to grow your business

– Specific advice on meeting the practical and spiritual challenges of creating a business, no matter what stage you’re in

– Ongoing support from a coach (specifically: me)  without requiring you to invest thousands of dollars in private coaching

– A community of kindred entrepreneurs you can connect with

– Support that lasts long enough for you to understand, implement, test, tweak and get results from your marketing

I invite you to check out my Ultimate Attraction Marketing System home study course and community for 2013. It would be my honor to help you move through fear and resistance so you master authentically spiritual marketing that magnetically attracts your tribe.

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