Posted by Andrea Conway Law of Attraction coach for small business success

Law of Attraction business owners love it when we feel successful, effective in serving others, optimistic and abundant.

When our business thrives it’s easy to cruise along at that happy vibrational set point.  Feeling good, we’re in alignment with spirit, and it’s a beautiful world.

When something goes wrong,  you feel like you just slammed into a brick wall. Not so beautiful.

One of the most helpful Abraham-Hicks stories I’ve heard over the years illustrates how to avoid the usual misery when we take a sudden hit.

The story is about a woman suffering from terrible arthritis. She’s in constant pain and demands to know how Abraham can expect her to feel good when she hurts all the time.

They responded: You can be in pain and feel hopeful. Or you can be in pain and feel discouraged. How you feel determines how circumstances will unfold.

Many times we assume that any kind of pain means we “should” feel discouraged, angry, hopeless etc.  We agonize: “why did this have to happen to me?” This is how most people respond to the unwanted, and this response is accepted by most as normal and therefore correct.

But if you’re a born creator (and you are) it’s not the correct response – unless you intend to draw more pain to you.

Once the initial sting has passed, if you could remember to seek any better-feeling thought, you would put yourself on a more creative path immediately.

You would stop pre-paving more of the same old problem-filled existence. You would begin pre-paving solutions and ease.

Granted, some stings hurt more than others – not everything can be shaken off quickly.

But far too many of our truly insignificant problems drag us down for way too long because we believe it’s important for us to resist frustration, irritation and annoyance so that we can rid ourselves of them.

However…the strategy of resistance keeps us enslaved to those emotions and strengthens their creative power to attract more problems to us.

It is so worth it to make a different choice.

I got to observe emotional resistance in myself recently, when I drove a couple of miles to do o a quick errand on a cold, snowy day. Afterward, my car wouldn’t start.

What had been a light snow when I left home was rapidly escalating into a storm. I called AAA for help and spent the next hour fuming because no help showed up. I tried to start my car a few times – still nothing. Self-pity descended: my schedule for the afternoon was wrecked.

Somehow it finally it occurred to me I could just stop whining.  I asked spirit to take care of the situation and let it go.

Beneath the surface irritation I could sense a truer feeling that all was well.

After a few minutes of knowing well-being, I had the impulse to try the engine again. It started. I figured I should keep driving to charge the battery. Though I was reluctant to drive too far on the now icy roads, I drove away. After a few minutes of driving the snow stopped and soon after that the sun was shining.

In the future, I hope I have the presence of mind to skip the hour of fuming and go straight to “all is well.”

Bringing the Law of Attraction into business almost always triggers challenges. It’s a journey of extraordinary personal expansion. We get tempted to believe that the setbacks and disappointments and frustrations of creating a successful business deserve all our attention.

When we think this way we are misguided. We are also perpetuating more of the same frustration, etc.

If you can remember to trade irritation, worry, frustration, overwhelm and so on for trust that the universe has your back, you will have created a shift.

It starts as the feeling of a return to ease … and then something good happens nearly immediately (expect this). When you experience a quick turnaround, don’t say, “It would have happened anyway.”

The more accurate statement would be: I created my misery – and I also created my return to well-being.

In the land of the deliberate creators – which is where all of us reside once we’re fortunate enough to discover the Law of Attraction – how you think and feel determines what you attract, and the universe responds to you as fast as the speed of thought.

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