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Affirmations work – when we believe them.  If you don’t believe your affirmations or goal statements, it’s time to replace them!

If you affirm “I now make $1,000,000 a  year from my business” – when you aren’t making anywhere near that – you may find yourself feeling frustrated as time goes by and you don’t see the evidence.

Napoleon Hill taught in Think and Grow Rich that we need a specific plan and goals that we must repeat to ourselves daily. But if you’re saying goals out loud while wondering if you’ll ever achieve them, you’re not attracting the results you want. I mean, look around you – are the goal statements working or not?

Thought so…. We attract according to our expectations and beliefs – every time.

Abraham-Hicks teaches that our goals should be as detailed as possible, as long as they still feel good. How we feel is what determines our point of attraction.

As a Law of Attraction coach, I often talk with business owners driven to achieve very specific goals. But they’re not making progress because they feel worried, tired, and frustrated. This negative emotion causes resistance in their vibration. Resistance keeps them from receiving.

As we work together, my coaching clients become aware of their resistance to their goals. They learn how to release resistance. And the results flood in.

If you think you may have negative emotion toward goals that don’t seem to be manifesting for you,  here are 10 affirmations designed to give you some relief.  Abraham teaches that relief is always a sign we’ve dropped some resistance.

These affirmations apply to nearly anyone in business who is also on a spiritual path. As you read them, they will ring true from a deep place inside you.  (If they don’t ring true, either adjust them as needed or create your own.)

Your mind, conscious and unconscious, will accept these affirmations easily because there’s nothing in them to cause resistance to flare up. They are statements of soul truth.

As you read, write, or speak these affirmations, you can expect to feel your inner “soul power” strengthening. You will immediately become more attractive to everything you have decided to create.

These affirmations all use I AM statements, because I AM is the creative principle of the universe.  We are always using our power to create who WE ARE, whether we do so deliberately or not.  Let’s create on purpose!

If you’re a fan of Abraham “rampages of appreciation,” read these affirmations in the spirit of a rampage (that’s the spirit in which they came to me).

10 Law of Attraction Affirmations that Work Now

  1. I am the blessed child of a generous and loving Godforce whose spirit is my spirit.
  2. I am receiving abundant blessings now through all channels, expected and unexpected.
  3. I am acting with confidence on the inspirations spirit sends me.
  4. I am contributing  more light and goodness to this world through my life and my business.
  5. I am attracting more income daily with the help of spirit – I thank spirit for all that I receive.
  6. I am giving to others generously in thought, word and deed.
  7. I am a giver and receiver of love.
  8. I am taking care of my body with adequate rest, relaxation, exercise, and good nourishment.
  9. I am taking care of my mind through right thinking, rest and renewal.
  10. I am always successful because success is a divine quality of spirit, and spirit is what I am.

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