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According to the Law of Attraction, how much control do we have over our death? (Or, as Abraham likes to call death, our “croaking.”)

Last week a dear friend of 40 years died peacefully at home, surrounded by his wife, children and grandchildren, after a brief illness. Joe was 88 years old. One probably could not ask for a gentler death. But that does not keep those of us who loved him from missing him.

The morning after Joe died I awoke to the horrific news of a gunman killing 12 people and injuring 58 during a shooting rampage in a movie theater about 5 miles from my home in Denver.

When we first study Law of Attraction, one of the most difficult aspects to explore is the question of whether we “cause”  or “attract” our own deaths, especially the violent or otherwise terrible ones.

As I have done for the past 23 years, I turn to Abraham and the Law of Attraction to help me understand the horrors and sadness of life – as well as the beauties.

So…does Law of Attraction teach that we attract death as some kind of punishment or misfortune?

If you’re thinking that way, you’re not alone. I received several emails from people who thought that Jerry Hicks’s transition last year meant that he had “failed at Law of Attraction.” After all, if we truly create our own reality, why do bad things happen, such as disease and death?

On a recent CD, I listened to Abraham answer this question and others about death. They were responding to a question about the Japanese earthquake and tsunami of 2011. ( I blogged about this event here).

The questioner wanted to know if the Japanese people, with their attention to staying safe  and unharmed, had attracted this disaster to them.

Here’s the gist of what Abraham said (which is the same as what they’ve always said about the death experience). Note: these are not direct quotes from Abe but are my paraphrasing, which occasionally includes phrases from other recordings. If you’re interested in hearing this specific dialog, it’s from workshop 2/18/12 recorded in San Francisco, CA.

The Japanese people are not alone in their attention to staying safe and unharmed. There are many factors that go into an event like this. When you come into your bodies on this planet you realize you are living on a planet that makes continual adjustments to maintain its alignment, and you understand that’s part of the picture of life here.

Death does not mean that YOU will end. When you finally get it that you are an eternal being, you understand that you don’t die. You have never left the non-physical, even while you’ve taken your temporary form in a body (which you have done countless times). Your essence is eternal and non-physical. You have no idea how old you really are!

After you transition you do not return to some formless blob-like state… you remain you. You continue to recognize yourself as you. You are unique, eternally.

There are no mistakes about who dies, when or how. The younger someone is when they die, the more easily they go, because they often still have awareness of their eternal nature.

 There is no experience in all the universe more delicious than the death experience.

In mass deaths, such as in Japan or on 9-11 or in any other disaster, all of those participating agree to do so because returning to non-physical is their greatest next opportunity for expansion.

This is true for any death – from the perspective of our Inner Being, we attract our transition because re-emerging with non-physical calls to us more than any experience we could have by remaining in the body.

There are no mistakes in the timing of death. It is always the path of least resistance for that person.

It is always possible for us to connect with those who have left. They love us, help us, and remain interested in our lives and in what they were passionate about when still in a body. They can even continue to participate in our lives, more easily if we invite them (and it does not matter if they have reincarnated into anther body; their non-physical Self is always available to connect with us as the loved one we remember).

Death is always, without exception, a joyous experience for the one who dies and there is great celebration on the other side. This is true regardless of the circumstance of death, even if it was violent, and even if the one who killed also dies – all are part of the celebration, not of death but of eternal life and creation.

One of Abraham’s stated intentions for us is that we join the party now, without waiting to croak!

Since Jerry’s transition, Abraham has been speaking about our eternal relationships more often, and they’re sharing Esther’s experiences as she opens to knowing Jerry’s presence in her life more and more.

I’m not sharing these concepts from Abraham to dismiss the shock or the grief or the mourning we experience. I don’t think it’s possible or even desirable to eliminate these experiences – they are part of being human.

But let’s also admit that we live in a culture that greatly fears death. I’d guess the reason for this is that the ego fears death – because the ego is part of what we shed, along with our body, when we transition. The ego would naturally prefer to live forever and judges any death as terrible. We don’t have to go along with that perspective.

What Abraham’s perspective offers us

I turn to Abraham’s perspective because it’s helped me become more aware of the fact that I am not my body or my mind or my ego. All of these temporal things in me and everyone else will pass away, but we are always our unique individuation of spirit.

As life’s inevitable losses come our way (it’s sometimes called “growing up”), I don’t want to let them make me smaller as a human being. For me the way to stay in harmony with the energy of eternal expansion is to allow my Inner Being to guide me through the losses that come.

I’m not talking only about the death of loved ones or about disasters that occur locally or globally.

I also mean those “shocking” events that cause us to lose something we did not consciously decide to let go of.

Events like realizing your hair has gone gray (or has simply gone altogether) or that you need reading glasses, or that your child is on drugs or pregnant, or your spouse wants to divorce you, or your house is foreclosed on, pr you have an apparently incurable disease, or you lose your biggest client and 80% of your income overnight. (I write from personal experience about several of these!)

If all of those loses are always gateways to a greater expansion – and they are if we choose to commit to our expansion – it seems only logical to me that this universal transition out of a physical body must also be the gateway to something more for us (more both for the one who transitioned and for those of us still here).

We each have the choice to believe this (or not).

And yet, even if you choose to believe in expansion, you probably will grieve. Even Esther Hicks couldn’t avoid this part initially.

I love this about humans: regardless of where you live or the culture or religion you grew up in, nearly all of us naturally feel compassion, not only for our own losses but the losses of others, especially through events we might label tragedies, whether they’re planetary disasters, acts of violence, or the natural passing of someone we love.

I am grateful that compassion so easily pours out of us when others, strangers as well as friends, experience the shock of an unexpected and seemingly  unnatural loss. The fact that we turn to each other offering support and love is a testament to our divine nature.

Why study the Law of Attraction on death or anything else?

You might become initially curious about the Law of Attraction because studying it seems to give you some measure of autonomy in your life – and it does offer that for sure. But if you’re truly fortunate you will also come to know that Law of Attraction can reveal to you who you really are: a powerful and loving co-creator willingly participating in an eternal adventure of celebration and love with the purpose of expanding the universe.

Life flows eternally, and we creators will always flow with Life. Even 2 billion years from now, which is when scientists predict the Earth’s oceans will dry up, we will be Alive and Partying somewhere in this universe or another. See you around!

“Realize that there is no death. We are all eternal beings.” –Abraham

 “…death’ is a matter of closing one’s eyes in this dimension and literally opening one’s eyes in the other dimension. And that, truly, is how all death is, no matter how it looks up to that point.. The re-emergence into Source Energy is always a delightful thing.” – Abraham

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