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Happy new year! My wish for all of us this year is greater success on our own terms. I invite you to take time to examine how you most want to express the divine and limitless success that already dwells within you.

The first key to attracting success consistently is to become a deliberate chooser of your feelings.That’s because our feelings are the predominant determining factor in our point of attraction – this is the heart and soul of the Abraham Hicks teachings.

The easiest way I’ve ever found to shift my vibration through choosing feelings is to write a To Feel List. It takes 2-5 minutes. This is a very old Abraham process I haven’t heard them mention in decades, but it’s one of my favorites because it works FAST. I’ve explained how to do it here.

Once you’re in the habit of investing five minutes every morning on your To Feel list, you can witness your success manifestations as they take form by following them through the 5 Stages of Manifestation.

The 5 Stages of Manifestation

These stages are based on the Law of Attraction teachings of Abraham Hicks. But I haven’t heard these stages described in the specific yet simple way I’m about to offer. When you understand that all manifestations move through these 5 stages, it’s easier to maintain your positive expectation – and as long as you do that, success is inevitable!

Manifestation Stage 1 – FEELINGS CHANGE

As you’ll discover when you do the 5-minute To Feel list, it’s surprisingly easy to shift your feelings. The challenge is maintaining that shift long enough to receive the full manifestation in physical form (stage 5).

It helps to understand that your ability to change your feelings by writing a few “I want to feel” or “I love the feeling of” statements is more significant than you may realize: changed feelings are stage 1 of manifestation.

Common error: dismissing your new feelings as “too insignificant to count as a manifestation.” Your word is law, so when you dismiss your own feelings as insignificant, you make them so. Instead, remind yourself that a change in feeling means you’re on your way!

Manifestation Stage 2 – SMALL SIGNS OCCUR

In this stage you typically begin to experience small signs of changes coming. For example, you might notice little coincidences or synchronicities. These can be as seemingly random as overhearing a conversation at a restaurant that applies to your situation. Or a friend might email you about a book that has information you can use.

You might also hear about a course you can take related to your area of focus. If you want a new red convertible, you’ll start noticing them everywhere. Or  – as happened for a friend of mine who wanted to give more local workshops – you might hear out of the blue about an ideal meeting space that’s beautiful and affordable.

Common error: Saying “oh, that was just a coincidence” stops your manifestations cold. Coincidences are not random – they are co-creations and evidence that your manifestation has moved to Stage 2.

Manifestation Stage 3 – YOU NOTICE MORE ACTIVITY

In stage 3 specific action becomes more noticeable. If your To Feel list is about feeling excited about new clients, stage 3 manifestations could include more people signing up to your online mailing list, an opportunity to be interviewed on Internet radio, or a chance to master mind with a group of successful peers.

Common error: Thinking that increased activity is insignificant because, after all, you don’t have new income or clients. Don’t allow yourself to dismiss your results – that’s what causes you to fall out of alignment with your dream. Instead, acknowledge and appreciate that you are now in Stage 3 of Manifestation: progress!

Manifestation Stage 4 – CUSTOMER INQUIRIES BEGIN

In Stage 4, potential customers explore working with you, or potential deals are brought to your attention. In this stage you may be responding to requests for proposals and giving initial consultations to potential customers.

Common error: Being almost afraid to believe that good fortune is coming to you. Conflicting thoughts cause you to feel mixed emotions of hope and doubt, which show up as mixed results in your experiences.

The creative process of manifestation calls for the spiritual qualify of faith, not the mind’s habit of “maybe.” Now is the time to choose faith over doubt consistently. Step up your appreciation and celebration of what you’re co-creating with the universe. More and more, feel excited about the good things coming.


Physical manifestation – new clients, new projects, new income.

Although physical manifestation feels totally wonderful, it ideally also feels like the next logical step. You realize that manifestation is not a miracle. It’s the natural outcome of staying conscious through the 5 Stages of Manifestation and of consistently choosing to believe in your success. Move through these stages consciously once and you will never again doubt your power to create. Wishing you a blessed year ahead!

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