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“What we desire does not lie in the future but in ourselves at this very moment.” – Neville

Financial abundance is a near universal desire. Which means the universe is constantly sending it our way, according to the “when you ask it is given” rule of Law of Attraction.

But we don’t always receive it,  because we feel a separation between where we are now and where we want to be. Our thoughts typically focus either on regrets or disappointments over the past or fears and concerns about the future.

This is how we squander our time and our spirit-given inner power to choose our focus.

The drumbeat of lack-based social programming is loud and hypnotic.  That’s why it takes practice and commitment to focus on what we really do want.

But it gets easier when we look for help to modern mystic Neville (1905-1972). Neville taught that  whatever we think we want in the future is present here and now. Imagine that!


According to Neville, imagination is a gift from the divine. Imagination lets us decide where to focus our thoughts. It’s the doorway to our preferred points of vibrational attraction.

Let’s get deliberate about using our imagination – Neville was a master teacher of this.

Vibrationally, you are free to imagine any state of financial abundance you prefer. But it doesn’t work to tell yourself a complete fantasy – if you don’t believe that what you imagine is possible, you can’t attract it.

So: what can you imagine about financial abundance that feels true to you right now? As students of Law of Attraction, we have access to spiritual awareness of how the universe works. Let’s put that awareness to use.

Using the power of your imagination, you could remind yourself that…

– Even before you ask for more financial well being, the universe responds to your desires. Vibrationally your financial abundance is already created.

– In this moment you have everything you need. Sure you may be worried about tomorrow, but for right now you are fine. Remember this.

– You were given the power of imagination to create the future you desire – but if you did not already have a connection to that future, you wouldn’t have access to it even in your imagination. What we imagine isn’t random – it’s drawn to us through the Law of Attraction because we are already connected to it.

– The present moment can be seen as an investment in a future result. Do not squander the power of now on negative stories of lack. Use the present moment for what it is: a seed planted for a future harvest. Choose your seeds wisely, because what is sown always matches what is reaped.

– Imagination is a gift from spirit to be used as a creative tool.  Well being is the order of the universe, according to Abraham. Accept financial well being in your imagination and you must draw it to you.

– In this moment you already experience abundance. You have limitless air to breathe, millions of thoughts to choose from, and an ability to love the entire planet just by connecting with your heart. Tap into the feeling of abundance now and you must live it now, by cosmic law.

As you imagine a thought that feels financially abundant, you move into an imagined state of increased financial abundance right now.

Neville taught that we can use our imagination to draw our preferred future to us. Not by telling ourselves wishful fantasies or reciting affirmations. But by deliberately choosing our inner power to attune to whatever we want to think and feel in this moment. When we feel the desired state there’s no longer a separation between now and later.

Neville further shared that when he had a goal in mind, he would enter a state of imaginative reverie once or twice a day, usually before drifting into a nap or into sleep. This was enough to bring him seemingly miraculous results.

Stop longing for a future you’re afraid you can’t attain. Find the energy of your abundant future  in your imagination now and experience it in your mind and heart in this moment. This is Neville’s creative secret.

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