Posted by Andrea Conway Law of Attraction coach for small business success

Can a spiritual entrepreneur choose peace of mind about money under any and all circumstances?

Yes. We certainly have the choice to do this, always. Why, then, do many of us find it really hard to do?

I talk to a lot of people who have concerns about money, and as a self-employed 100% self-supporting business owner for 20 years now, I’ve spent my share of time in Lack of Money Land (LOML).

But I don’t stay there long. So if you feel stuck in LOML, let me show you how to work with the Law of Attraction to make a rapid exit.

First understand this about Law of Attraction and money:

It is almost impossible to jump quickly from a strong focus on Lack of Money to a strong focus on Abundance of Money. When your dominant vibration about money has been frustration, lack, anxiety and so on, you’re not going to become a match to ease, wealth and abundance in an instant.

That’s because Law of Attraction can bring us only those thoughts about money that are relatively close in vibration to what we normally think.

Even if you won the lottery tomorrow, you still wouldn’t shift all the way into wealth and abundance. It’s truly kinder to yourself to ease into your financial expansion.

Like slow food, slow vibrational shifting is more satisfying and a lot healthier. Here’s the way I recommend you shift into abundance about money.

First, pay close attention to how you really feel about money. A lot of us say that we love money and feel really good when we think about it. But it’s easy to fool yourself about this!

One way to uncover hidden fears around money is to ask yourself whether you spend money you don’t have on things you don’t really have to have.  There’s no judgment here, as I have over the years made more than my share of money mistakes. I’m simply inviting you to look at your spending habits in the light of consciousness, rather than behaving on autopilot in ways that may not be serving you.

Another way to uncover hidden concerns about money is to ask yourself whether you have and are working a real marketing plan to bring in greater levels of income. If the answer is no, you may be spending money from a vibration of wishful thinking.

Next, choose a better-feeling thought about money that still feels believable.   If you discover you’ve been allowing yourself to slack off in your business while you run up a lot of debt, willing yourself to think “I am a millionaire now” is not going to shift anything in you, because your mind won’t believe it.

Try a more believable thought such as, “I am willing to shift my vibration around money.” Or “I’m ready to create a healthier relationship with money.” Or “I’m open to aligning with financial well-being”

These thoughts won’t bring you instant wealth. But they create a bridge you can begin to walk across in the direction of abundance. Abraham calls these kinds of bridging thoughts “going general.” When you’ve found a good bridging thought and gone general, you feel a sense of relief – which means you’ve released resistance and are able to receive more of what’s in your Vortex.

If your new thoughts don’t give you a sense of relief, try going even more general. “I am willing to release my fears around money.” “I don’t have to fix all my finances today.”

Peace of mind is the true test

If you’ve succeeded in going general and have chosen better-feeling, bridging thoughts about money, you’ll experience less stress and possibly even real peace of mind about money. You’re still not a millionaire (yet). But when peace predominates in your mind, it means you’re preparing to make a leap forward into what you want more of.

I see peace of mind as the neutral position in a stick shift car. Before you can change gears and speed toward your destination, you have to go through neutral.

Unless you’re a Buddhist, peace of mind may not be your ultimate goal. But when you’ve gone general consistently enough to move  your old fearful stressful thoughts about money into neutral, you’ve accomplished something huge.

You’ve crossed the bridge from your habitual vibration in Lack of Money Land, and you’re now safely in the vicinity of money abundance.

Next:  keep choosing better-feeling thoughts that bring a sense of relief and inner expansion. As long as your follow your trail of relief and expansion, you’re becoming a vibrational match to money in abundance. You know it’s working because 1) you no longer live in fearful money thoughts, 2) you genuinely appreciate money, 3) you see increasing possibilities for attracting money, 4) you’re beginning to receive more money!

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