If you’ve read The Attractor Factor by Joe Vitale, you may remember that step 4 is to “Nevillize Your Goal.” Named after the teachings of mystical lecturer Neville (1905-1972), Nevillizing energizes your mental goals with the juiced-up creative power to manifest.

Neville’s lectures are available in books you can still buy today. Your Faith Is Your Fortune is one of his most accessible. Warning: if you’re not into mystical interpretations of The Bible (Old and New Testaments), Neville can be a challenging read.

Which is why I’m giving you an easier way. Just master the two little words Neville recommends for total manifestation power.

The words? I AM.

“I am” is so familiar to us that it’s hard to think of these words as manifestation powerhouses. Think again.

Sure, these are some of the most frequently used words in any language. I’m Andrea Conway. I’m a Law of Attraction coach. I’m from Denver. I’m drinking a coffee. I’m a hiker. I’m fluent in Spanish.

Can it be this simple? Test it for yourself.

How I Am Works. According to Neville, whatever you declare yourself to be with “I am” becomes the condition you express, and the entire universe agrees with it.

If you’ve been thinking and saying “I’m struggling for money,” you have declared yourself to be in the condition of struggling with money. And so you will be.

Because we have free will to choose any condition, Neville recommended we work with our “I am” power to manifest the specific conditions we desire.

He taught that before declaring a desired condition, our work is to enter the place of unconditional creative power that is our birthright as spirit.

If you simply try to replace the words “I’m struggling for money” with “I’m rich,” it usually doesn’t work too well, because you’re not making your new declaration from your place of unconditional creative power. Your words are different, but the energy around your words is the same old struggle.

To manifest what you want from a truly new vibration, Neville suggested relaxing into your I AM consciousness first.

Relax: it’s not hard to do. In fact, relaxation is a key part of the process.

Find a place where you can lie or sit comfortably and allow yourself to relax. Repeat to yourself the words “I AM” calmly and slowly. Let your mind focus on “I AM” and let all other thoughts go.

After a few minutes of this mental repetition, expect to feel deeply calm. You may even experience a sensation of movement or floating. Now you are in your I AM consciousness.

From this place, begin to add the condition you desire to your I AM statement, for example:

I am rich.
I am happy.
I am healthy.
I am in love.

As you repeat your statement quietly and calmly, you begin to feel that you are in fact that condition: rich, happy, healthy, in love or whatever. You will notice a shift in feeling; when you experience it, your manifestation work is done.

Law of Attraction teaches that our feelings determine what we are a vibrational match to, and Nevillizing generates the feeling of what you want to manifest, enabling you to attract it.

It takes only a few minutes to give yourself a Nevillizing treatment. Through your conscious use of two simple words, you step into total manifestation power.