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In the early ’90s, when my day job was product marketing for a leading computer firm, we were led through numerous branding exercises by various advertising and other agencies. Though I played along I secretly believed  branding was complete overpriced BS. But I couldn’t put my finger on why.

Today I still cringe and think “rip off” when I hear about a company or program designed to “build my brand.” I am not cattle, and I do not need to be marked in order to stand apart from all the other dappled Holsteins on the open range.

Or have I been living in the American West for way too long?

Huge corporations selling commodity products to mass markets do benefit from branding – and in particular brand advertising –  because so many of their products are virtually identical. Take cereal, for example.  In 2011 cereal companies in the U.S. spent $264 million to advertise children’s cereals, mainly on children’s TV shows. As if sugary, starchy Frosted Flakes were less terrible for kids than sugary, starchy Cap’n Crunch.

But branding for spiritual entrepreneurs is different, precisely because we’re not commodities.

Here’s what matters about  Law of Attraction branding for spiritual entrepreneurs:

1. You are guaranteed by the universe to have an abundance of clients.  There’s no need to fear that there are already “too many other businesses just like mine.” The truth is: you would not have felt called to create your business solution if there weren’t enough clients  seeking your solution. The universe always matches solution providers with solution seekers. Always.

2. You are attractively unique just as you are. You do not have to become an energy contortionist to try and fit your natural vibration into some branding authority’s idea of how you should present yourself to your market.  There may be hundreds if not thousands of other businesses offering something similar to what yours does – but your personal energy as the owner and creator of your business makes it automatically more appealing to your ideal clients.

3. Your best branding is, simply, being willing to reveal yourself. The more you express your authentic self, the more attractive you are to your “tribe” – and the less you need to worry about contriving some kind of image that supposedly sells. Your customers want to interact with YOU, not with your cartoon avatar. However: this means you must step up to revealing your true self in public, and there are reasons why many of us try to avoid this. This topic deserves its own blog post and will have one within a couple of weeks…

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