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During my recent discussions with spiritual entrepreneurs about coaching, I had a realization. Nearly everyone wants reassurance that their business – whether in start-up phase or many years later – has the “stamp of approval” from the universe.

“Am I really meant to do this – and can it really succeed the way I hope it will?” Read on for the answer to these vital questions.

The questions usually come up because of a nagging concern: not enough clients, too many energy-sapping clients, fear that the business is too unique or spiritually advanced to appeal to enough paying customers, old beliefs about wealth being anti-spiritual, feeling held back because of living in the wrong location, regret about choosing the wrong target audience, extreme dislike of/dread of marketing and sales – and so on!

These concerns usually triggered chronic self-doubt, lack of confidence, and sometimes even a “core belief” around lack of self-worth (“Others can create a successful business they love but not me…”).

The way many spiritual entrepreneurs deal with self-doubt and lack of confidence is to go into avoidance – though it is often cleverly disguised. Avoidance shows up as:

I need to do more inner work on my fears first; then everything in my business will be easy every minute. Or: I should get another certification or training, then I’ll be ready. Or: If I just focus on feeling good, I can sit home reading People magazine and munching potato chips and the universe will bring me all the clients and income I want!

Avoidance keeps you exactly where you have always been regarding your business.

If you’re sincerely ready to create a thriving business you love, here’s the requirement: you must find a way to get beyond your mind’s habitual patterns of self-doubt, lack of confidence, and avoidance of trusting your true creative nature.

For those of you aware of your tendencies to doubt and lose faith – and more than ready to release them now –  here are 5 signs your business is 100% supported by the universe. If you relate to at least three of these signs, please keep going because the universe is on your side!

Sign #1: You felt inspired to create your business. In other words: you didn’t just do some research and pick a business you thought you could make money at. You actually felt, in your heart, a welling up of undeniable desire to offer this specific work to the world.

Why this matters: initial inspiration – even if you haven’t felt any lately – tells you the idea for your business came to you from Source energy flowing to you through your heart. You can’t mentally will yourself to feel inspired when you don’t feel it. Your wired to feel inspiration spontaneously flowing through your heart, and when you do you can know it comes from spirit.

Sign #2: Your core business idea arose from your own life experience. Have you overcome a huge personal or professional challenge and felt a desire to help others avoid suffering and get through the same challenge more easily – or avoid it altogether?

A friend of mine who is an amazing energy healer got started on her business journey when she discovered a golf ball sized lump in her breast – and spirit gave her a technique that healed it. One of my clients, who experienced much isolation going through a difficult divorce, now offers support to other women facing divorce or its aftermath – her articles are so helpful they have been picked up by Huffington Post.

My web guy can easily make big bucks doing technical stuff for corporations, but his passion for exploring spirit also led him to create a side business helping entrepreneurs like you and me get started online. This is about to become his primary business as he happily says good-bye to work that doesn’t nourish his soul. Another client, who suffered ongoing emotional abuse growing up, focused her impressive intellect and determination on creating a highly successful law firm representing victims.

Why this matters: The decision to take a challenging aspect of life or professional experience that was difficult yet ultimately transforming, and use what you now know for the purpose of lessening the burden of others facing the same challenge, is the earmark of a soul awakened to the spiritual principle of service. Though often seen in coaching or consulting businesses, sign #2 is also present in the invention of many products that improve our lives.

Sign #3: You get this: what you really want from your work is freedom and fulfillment. While I almost always found my corporate and consulting work to be intellectually satisfying and often enjoyable, it never felt spiritually fulfilling, and I always chafed at the lack of freedom. Especially when spending yet another weekend packing and preparing and traveling to a conference to give yet another PowerPoint presentation. Like a delicious meal, having a good job or consulting assignment felt satisfying to my mind- but not fulfilling to my soul.

Why this matters: The deep desire to have spiritually meaningful work is an indicator of a soul ready for full self-responsibility. Your guides, angels and the entire universe celebrate this and cheer you on every moment!

Sign #4: Your business is sometimes difficult to create or grow; setbacks easily trigger fear and self doubt.  Business for a spiritual entrepreneur is an ongoing path of spiritual expansion. This means: it is not always a day at the beach.  If you still subscribe to “If it’s meant to be the universe will make it easy for me” all I can say is: how’s that working out?

Somewhere along the way we forgot that creating something new in the world – such as a spiritually based business designed to serve and empower others – requires some new skills in us. We’re called to develop resilience, commitment, willingness and more. You will have moments of concern, fear and perhaps even terror – best not to make those moments that big a deal.

Have you ever noticed that, no matter how many times Abraham tells us we’re here to sift through contrast and contrast is good because it leads to expansion… we still too easily think that any kind of setback or fear means we’re not doing it right or it’s not meant to be.

None of that is true. Especially in the start up phases of a business, you will be called on to expand into the vibration of a successful entrepreneur. Later you will be called to expand into knowing yourself as a committed leader. Your expansion is eternal.

Why this matters: You don’t have an amazing adventure or a happily ever after life unless you get really good at not freaking out over challenges (which are actually invitations to move past your imagined limitations). If you give up when things get tough, you are really choosing mediocrity. Then you might abandon your dreams of success and say it “wasn’t meant to be” – but that was your decision not the universe’s. Since ancient times humans have thrilled to stories of heroines and heroes who overcome massive obstacles. We’re wired to become heroes on a great adventure. We can’t lose – unless we give up. That’s why Abraham reminds us: “don’t take score too soon.”

Sign #5: “You are an uplifter to the very core of your being” – Abraham.  “And it’s not always easy” – Andrea. Abraham uses the word “uplifter” to describe their tribe; they also say we are “teachers of teachers.” You naturally possess a deep caring for the well-being of others and truly desire to improve their lives. Some of you are already thriving in this role through your businesses. But others are experiencing difficulties with it.

When not optimally channeled, this innate soul talent for uplifting can lead to sensitive beings who feel out of sync with the rest of the world or who take on the co-dependent role of emotional caretaker to another. That’s why coaching often brings unresolved patterns around boundaries to light along the journey to success.

Recently one of my clients, a talented and experienced consultant with an impressive background in healing techniques, needed help deciding whether to honor a request from a potential client to create a special program. She felt torn and needed permission to hear her needs clearly so she could make a decision to support her own energy while also honoring her potential client. Her natural tendency was to put service to others first, even though she recognized from experience that doing so would soon lead to stress and resentment.

You can be an uplifter – and still be selfish enough to take care of yourself. Many struggling entrepreneurs don’t realize how much power they habitually give away.

Why this matters: I believe a touch of co-dependence or being “overly sensitive” (my parents’ favorite description of me as a child) is a positive quality. It shows true empathy and a desire to make things better for others. Mix in a little selfishness, as taught unabashedly by Abraham, and you become the uplifter you were meant to be without the downside of fending off constant demands on your energy.


If you recognized yourself and your business in at least 3 of these 5 signs, yet you often face what feels like too many challenges in your business, I hope my words have helped re-ignite your optimism. The universe says YES (and only yes) to our dreams.

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