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I know, it feels like you have unconscious blocks to success. So you keep looking for clues to the underlying cause.

Are you over-analyzing you "blocks to success"?

How else would you explain the struggle for financial abundance? (Or maybe you are financially successful – but you constantly worry about losing it.)

But what if unconscious blocks aren’t the cause of your struggle? So many spiritual entrepreneurs I speak with complain of these blocks – and I understand they feel completely real.

Except that: they’re not.

Sure, you may block the receiving of what you desire. But there’s nothing unconscious about it.

It’s so dis-empowering to feel we’re somehow held back by blocks we don’t even know we have. How are we supposed to transform what we can’t even identify?

Would a loving universe really stick us with a set up like that? I say no.

What if you had a clear and conscious formula for identifying your blocks and releasing them?

That’s exactly what you will receive on Wednesday’s free teleclass 2014: Living in Cash Abundance.

My vision for 2014 is plain and simple: to support more spiritual entrepreneurs in creating cash abundance.  We want it, we deserve it, we were meant to have it, and the time is now!

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