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Ever since the universe arranged for me to meet Abraham-Hicks – way back in 1989! – I’ve heard Abe’s Law of Attraction mantra repeatedly: “Nothing is more important than feeling good.”

But have I believed them? Not often.

Yeah, yeah, Abraham. I’ll be happy when I’m free from this corporate hell job, when I escape these New England winters, when I find my soul mate, when I lose weight, when I…blah blah blah.

Once I attracted all of the above, was I happier? Somewhat. While these areas of my life felt better, I still had a long list of “I’ll be happy when X happens.”

It’s only over the past few years that the Abraham message I’d heard on a near-daily basis for 24 years finally became my predominant approach to life. It took that long for me to re-program my brain circuits and make happiness my top priority no matter what’s going on in my life and business.

Why is happiness so underrated?

So glad you asked! It’s because our culture trains us to believe in the myth of hard work.

We’ve been so programmed with this assumption that we rarely question it.

If you’re super focused on everything in your life and business that you need to change or fix or create anew so that you can finally have what you want and THEN be happy… happiness is way on the other side of a gap so wide you can’t get there from here.

What Abraham teaches about the Law of Attraction and happiness

The truth:  happiness is our essential nature.

When we make happiness conditional on meeting certain physical plane manifestations, we separate our thinking from the pure positive Source energy at our core.

Separated from our true self,  we live in a perpetual state of resistance (you can tell because you accept worry, stress, and feeling critical of others as normal).

When we’re in a perpetual state of resistance, whether mild or severe, we’re not a match to what’s in our Vortex, and we attract more to feel worried, stressed and critical about.

How spiritual entrepreneurs can get happy now

The solution is right in front of us, but we miss it! I’ll be writing more on spiritual entrepreneurs and happiness, but right now, for those of you wondering, “How do I get happier?” here’s help:

I invite you to check out the book Own A Happy Life: Be Bold, Be Boundless, Be Beautiful by my colleague and friend Cindy  Caldwell.

What I love about Cindy’s book is how practical it is. She leads you step by step through how to think about and respond to situations that currently upset you.

We don’t need 30 years of therapy to make us happy. We need to change our thinking, and Cindy makes it simple.  The book comes with some great bonuses too. Find out more here

Happiness and success!

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