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In my work as a Law of Attraction coach (for the past 11 years!), I frequently hear clients say that business is slow. It’s true for the most successful spiritual entrepreneurs I’ve coached, as well as for those who’ve never experienced  thriving in business.

I’ve identified three main reasons that your business may be slow, and here’s the most common one:

The Most Common Reason Business Is Slow: You forgot that your thoughts create your reality

Sigh…we’ve heard it a million times: you create what you think about.  But most of us are just not that aware of what we think – because we’ve been thinking the same  thoughts for decades. They’re stale and have never served us, but we’ve lived with these thoughts of lack and fear most of our lives.

If your business is slow and you don’t know why, start to figure it out by noticing what you habitually say and think about your business, clients and money.

“No matter what I do, I don’t have enough clients.”
“I just can’t seem to be as successful as other people.”
“I’ve tried all kinds of marketing but nothing made any difference.”

You may think these statements are harmless. After all, they’re “true.”

But in fact each time you think a thought like this or say it out loud here’s what happens:  you ensure that your future will continue along this exact same vibration. That’s because: your words represent your beliefs, and your beliefs are what the Law of Attraction responds to.

The reason these thoughts are “true” is only because you’ve thought them over and over and over again. (You amazing and powerful creator you!)

Business slowdowns will normally be  temporary – unless we keep them in place through our ongoing conversation of lack and worry. If you lose a client (or two or three) and don’t quickly replace them,  it’s easy to slip into  a vibrational set-point of worry.

This is what Abraham-Hicks  calls “sloppy creating,” compared with their term “deliberate creation,” in which you choose your preferred feelings no matter what your five senses claim is “true.”

As a deliberate creator you stop allowing circumstances to determine how you feel, because you understand that feelings determine your point of attraction. Do you really want to give everyone else the power to generate your feelings?

But if you’re a sloppy creator, and you keep up this pattern of focusing on fear, eventually you’ll convince yourself you have a “block” around money.

BIG NEWS:  there’s no such thing as a block around money. What appears to be a block is nothing more than an entrenched habit of thinking about and remembering your experiences of lack.

An imagined block isn’t proof that you’re doomed to live in lack forever. It’s only proof that you are the brilliant creator of exactly where you have steadfastly focused your thoughts.

How to bring yourself back to deliberate creation:

First, pay more attention to what you think and say. You’ll know this tactic is working when you have the following aha moment: “No wonder business is slow! All I think about is that I don’t have enough clients or income. The Law of Attraction responds perfectly to my thoughts. I created this!”

Don’t feel discouraged when you see this clearly, because the truth shall set you free :)

Second, add small vibrational turnarounds to your thoughts and statements. Let’s say you notice yourself thinking, “If I don’t get a new client this month, I’ll have trouble paying my bills.”

With your new-found self-awareness, a thought like that won’t flit through your mind unnoticed ever again – and that’s a really good thing. Take that thought, just as it is, and end it in a different vibration. For example you can add to the end: “But I’m not going to worry, because I know that spirit supports me – and new clients are already lined up for me in my Vortex.”

It takes practice, but you can develop the habit of turning all of your negative statements into declarations of spiritual truth.

“I don’t have enough money” becomes “I don’t have enough money but more is on its way to me, because when I ask it is given.”

“My friend can get clients easily, but it’s always been a struggle for me” becomes “My friend can get clients easily, but it’s always been a struggle for me, and that’s why I’ve decided to change my self talk. I choose to remember that spirit supports me and loves me and my needs are always met.”

Make these small vibrational turnarounds a game that you play with yourself and the Law of Attraction. It’s OK to play with the universe –  and, as Abraham says, “watch the universe knock itself out to please you.”

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