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In addition to forgetting that your thoughts create your reality (covered in Part 1), there’s a second common reason spiritual entrepreneurs tell me that “business is slow.” It’s this: you’re too focused on something else in your life to pay real attention to your business.

There’s nothing wrong with focusing on something else. It’s only a problem because we tend to forget that we decided to put our attention on that instead of on our business. We forget we made a choice. We forget that the universe absolutely responds to our choices. Here’s how it can happen…

Late last year my Law of Attraction coaching client Marie decided to shift her counseling business away from reliance on insurance patients toward serving a healthier population able to pay her fees directly. Marie and I worked together on a new marketing structure for her business designed to attract these new preferred clients.

During this same time, Marie’s dad had a stroke and she devoted many hours helping him each week. She also decided to volunteer to chair the spring fundraising drive for a charity that’s dear to her heart.  At the same time she continued to serve all her existing clients.

One day a couple of weeks ago Marie’s coaching session agenda focused on her lack of progress in the new business. I asked her to describe a typical day and  tell me where her thoughts and actions were focused.  She realized, inescapably, that none of her energy in thought or action was going toward the new business.

We all live complex lives juggling multiple priorities. That’s not about to change.

But where you focus your energy determines where you see movement in your life and business.

Think back to a goal you had that you were truly passionate about and that you succeeded in reaching. You may have had plenty of setbacks, but nothing could keep you from thinking about and acting on that goal.

How to Maintain Focus on Your Business When You Have Multiple Priorities

Energy can be expressed mentally/emotionally as well as through action. That’s a good thing because when you really don’t have time to take action in your business, you can still focus on it mentally and emotionally for brief periods (and that’s enough).

1. Include your business in your daily grid creations  or To Feel list – these are short (typically 3-7 minutes a day) exercises that  keep you vibrationally on track

2. Once or twice a day for 30-60 seconds get into the feeling of your thriving business. Desire amplified by happy emotions speeds up manifestation

3. Decide to stay positive that you are meant to reach your goals – and ask spirit to show you signs that it’s working on your behalf. Don’t be so sophisticated about Law of Attraction that you forget simply to ask for help. Ask and it is given!

Coming next: the 3rd reason your business is slow – it’s by far the most damaging one,  but I will show you exactly how to deal with it!

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