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Most spiritual entrepreneurs I meet would rather believe they’re cursed with a “block around money” than accept the fact that owning a successful business requires consistent marketing and sales.

It should be obvious to any entrepreneur that marketing and sales are essential business functions, but nothing’s obvious when you’ve got a blind spot!

Yet…think of the teachers and authors you most admire in the Law of Attraction field. They all actively market and sell their books, courses, cruises, and events. They understand that marketing and selling are the channels through which they serve us – and through which income flows to them.

If you can name one exception to this, please leave me a comment and get 15 minutes of free coaching if you convince me.

How to tell if you have a blind spot about marketing and sales

It often expresses in statements like this: “If I’m doing Law of Attraction correctly, I should be able to ‘just attract’ all of the clients and money I want.”

If that approach works for you, excellent! Truth is, during my 15 years owning a marketing agency, all my business came through referrals. But the rest of the truth is:  I didn’t enjoy it, and my heart never ceased calling me toward more meaningful, uplifting work.

Eventually I decided to exit the marketing business to coach spiritual entrepreneurs full time – and after my income plummeted 80% nearly overnight, I realized it was time to express a higher level of commitment to marketing :)

Many spiritual entrepreneurs refuse to engage in sales and marketing that feels sleazy or manipulativeand they are correct to refuse!

The world continues to shift away from Mad-Men style coercive marketing, because today’s customers know how to do their own research – the Internet has completely shifted how we make purchase decisions, enabling buyers to have equal power with sellers.

Today we spiritual marketers don’t have to be sleazy… that’s a relief because it’s not in our nature anyway. But we do have to market and sell consistently in order to receive consistent income.

Here are two ways to ease into spiritual marketing and sales:

First: Make a simple shift in your vibration. If your current point of attraction is “I can’t stomach marketing and sales and refuse to engage in them,” experiment with an easy tweak like this: “I might become willing to engage in marketing and sales if I found a system that honors the integrity in myself and my clients.”

Willingness is an open and non-resistant vibration. It allows the universe to match us with new ideas and solutions. Willingness opens the way for grace to flow in.

Second: Consider checking out products that offer a spiritual approach to marketing. They exist!

I just discovered Joe Vitale’s classic book Spiritual Marketing downloadable as a free e-book on his website: click here – I have no idea how long that’s going to be available, there’s not even an optin required…

You’re also invited to explore my Ultimate Attraction Marketing  System home study course, which includes two personal strategy sessions with me.

When business is slow, check your level of engagement in  marketing and sales. The obvious indicator of lack of sufficient engagement: too many work hours roaming the Internet and snacking.  Not that I would ever ever know anything about that.

Still prefer to believe you have a block around money? Check out part 1 in this series.

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