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When I was employed as a product marketing manager for a computer corporation in the early 1990s, there was no concept of “the heart and soul of marketing.” The sole function of marketing was to act as the corporation’s channel to inform the public about our products.

Marketing as an information channel was as evolved as marketing got.

But in 2007, when I decided to jump the consulting ship completely and work full-time with spiritual entrepreneurs as a Law of Attraction marketing coach, my understanding of marketing burst wide open: it became way deeper and more fundamental to my life as a spiritual entrepreneur than I ever expected.

Without a heart and a soul, marketing was a lifeless shell created by the intellect, a left-brain faculty that primarily functions to recycle thoughts from our past into our futures, whether those thoughts serve us now or not. You might create clever marketing copy, but the inner energy of your marketing would never transcend your habitual thought patterns.

With a heart and soul, marketing became my spiritual guide and business became my evolutionary path.

What does the heart and soul of marketing look like?

The heart of it looks like:

  • Love of what you offer the world through your business. If you’ve never considered your business an offering of love, try on this point of view. For me this perspective awoke my true business purpose in my heart.
  •  Love of the customers you’re here to serve, regardless of their behavior. This is your opportunity to develop unconditional love, and anything in you that resists loving them unconditionally will plague you over and over: “There aren’t enough of them.” “They don’t want to pay me what I’m worth.” “They’re late or miss appointments.” “They don’t appreciate me.” This self-torture continues until you finally surrender and call on love to heal your thinking.

The soul of marketing looks like:

  • Knowing you and your customers (past, present and future) have a soul  connection that brings you together for mutual spiritual expression. Trusting this.
  •  Accepting that your journey together is fundamentally spiritual and deserves to be treated with transparency, integrity and kindness – to the best of your ability at any moment.  You know those business owners who excuse bad behavior by saying, “Don’t take it personally – it’s just business” … you will never be one of them.

When marketing becomes your spiritual guide and evolutionary path, you gladly release all the old messages about marketing being “manipulative,” “money-grubbing,” and “soul-less.” You become exquisitely aware that any resistance whatsoever to marketing is your signal that you are out of alignment with the heart and soul of your business. You accept it’s fully in your power to return to alignment, and you deliberately do so.

Many spiritual entrepreneurs wish they could ignore marketing altogether. They tell me they will simply attract customers and income from the universe. The reason this almost never works, especially at the outset of a business, is: you don’t have the momentum to attract sufficient customers and  income because you don’t yet have the alignment. You have hope – but what you need is knowing. There’s a reason gold-medal Olympians devote themselves to practice.

It might surprise you to know Abraham-Hicks says the purpose of marketing is not to attract customers. The customers are already attracted – they are integrated into your business success from the beginning. Rather, the purpose of marketing is to get us into alignment with our businesses. We’re the ones that have to line up. I wrote about Abraham’s view of marketing in this 2010 blog post.

As a soul group of spiritual entrepreneurs we’re creating a radically different way of marketing. You are part of this co-creative adventure. It’s no accident you’re reading this.

Practicing the heart and soul of marketing is the fastest and most fulfilling path to success I’ve ever seen for spiritual entrepreneurs because it honors our nature as evolutionary co-creators with the universe.

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